RENNER compressors: Compressed air for applications of all kinds

Woodworking, metalworking, food processing companies, the automotive industry and many more – relied on RENNER compressors for years because reliability, robustness and energy efficiency are the fundamentals in compressed air technology. We offer economical compressed air systems for the ambitious craftsman, industry and trade. Especially in areas where reliable compressed air supply is required, the high-quality RENNER compressors are the first choice.

The RENNER secret of success: Partnership, service-oriented, reliable and short lead times

Innovative strength and high quality standards, coupled with a consistent focus on customer needs and a good price/performance ratio – has been our key to success with RENNER Compressors. Once you have purchased a RENNER compressor from us, you can be rest assure that you will receive a compact, robust, reliable and energy-efficient product specially tailored to your needs. In addition, you can take advantage of a servicing network of well-trained technicians.

Energy efficiency: a matter of course for RENNER compressors

Whether frequency-controlled, with refrigeration dryer, mounted on a compressed air tank or as a complete compressed air station: energy efficiency is a matter of course at RENNER. All series work extremely cost-efficient.

RENNER has more than 6,000 customizable compressor models on offer. From the pressure level to the energy consumption – we adapt your compressor exactly to your needs.

We are the specialists for compressed air

RENNER compressors are manufactured with the most modern production processes in every size and finish. From small mobile piston compressors to large SCROLL and screw compressors for industrial installations – 

RENNER is since 2006 certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


RENNER: Your expert in screw compressors

Do you need your compressor for special applications such as gas compression, operation of drilling rigs, rails or special purpose vehicles? That’s no problem either. Talk to us!

Product features:

  • From 2.2 to 355 kW
  • Up to 40 bar, e.g. for PET bottle production
  • As compact systems with compressed air tank, refrigeration dryer and with variable speed control
  • Plate heat exchanger, integrated or as external box
  • for special applications: gas compression, drilling rigs, rail and special vehicles
  • Custom-made designs based on customer requirements

Screw compressors with manufacturer warranty

We reinforce our commitment to the quality of RENNER product we sale by offering a two-year manufacturer warranty. In the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect due to defective material or workmanship we will quickly replace the part. 

Energy saving screw compressors with variable speed control

Our screw compressors with variable speed control are designed for tough industrial applications. The intelligent RENNERtronic control and monitoring system ensures that your whole system is well-coordinated. This saves on costs.

Oil-free compressors

Wherever clean compressed air is required, you are on the safe side with RENNER compressors. Rely on an absolutely pure result, for example in the food and beverage industry – at the winery or in the brewery – oil-free compressors from RENNER ensure high-quality results.

Both our SCROLL compressors and our water-injected screw compressors are ideally suited for applications with the highest standards of pure compressed air. 100% safe, highly efficient and reliable.

Compressed air management systems

The compressed air supply must be reliable and economical. This is guaranteed by an intelligent control system for both single-unit and RENNER compressed air stations.

Piston compressors

High quality and reliability – that’s what counts. A piston compressor from RENNER gives you all these advantages. Our piston compressors are therefore very popular in trade and industry. RENNER also offers the right piston compressor for your home workshop. Discover our entire range for the ambitious do-it-yourselfer, for the trade and for industry.

Piston compressors of the REKO, RIKO, RIK and RBK series are the ideal solution for small and medium compressed air requirements. Mobile, stationary or as an auxiliary compressor – all our compressors are known for their high reliability thanks to their low speeds. It goes without saying that only high-quality materials are used in our piston compressors. 

Compressed air treatment for perfect compressed air quality

Chriscelian Energy offers you an extensive RENNER product portfolio with cyclone separators, compressed air filters, refrigeration dryers, condensate drains and oil-water separation systems:

Air receivers and flexible hoses